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Products and Services Advertising and Sponsorship Policy

Currently, I understand my «work» daily on this page as a mere hobby. A hobby that allow/force me to be aware of all the latest technology, to form my own judgment on the evolution of the sector and thus to have an online repository.

But this does not mean that i’m not open to advertising campaigns and sponsorship provided product or service satisfies both my interest and knowledge of the community who follow me. As long as several points that I believe crucial to maintain the level of expected demands are met.

I will not do any advertising campaign or sponsorship if…

  • I do not have total freedom of analysis: The aim of the campaign is to talk about a topic or topics, not promote the product for free. That will always associate and when the core is the informative value of pleasure to the reader. My readers seek the professional opinion of an expert, and it is just what I bring. If there is nothing innovative in your product, if no interest level trend and/or news, do not waste time.
  • The product has nothing to do with the sectors in which I move: Or touch topics that do not interest me. By the simple fact of being something technology it does not have to be accommodated on this page. And against non-technological products or services they could be accommodated provided they have an inherent value that is of interest to this community. You have to offer something differential. Something transcendent that provides value to readers. If you are the creator of the product or belongs to the marketing department, you probably already know what it is, and if not, I can help you find it.

  • The brand communicate with me via a generic newsletter: I am a blogger, not a digital newspaper. If you want even if you do, treat me like a person and not a machine or department.

I am interested, what should I do?

Very easy. The first thing is to know with who is speaking. My name is Pablo F. Iglesias, and work as analyst of new technologies and information security, and brand strategy consultant.

Also look the latest blog articles, and use the search box to see if I have already spoken on similar topics. With this, it will be not only an idea of ​​who I am, but also know if your product would fit within the page.

Already it has done? And do you think your product meets the interests of this community? Well, send me an email exposing myself the proposal

Be direct, and in a few lines show me why I should be interested to talk about your product. Receipt the day dozens (hundreds, sometimes) emails, and even try to answer them all, if I have to prioritize, I’ll do with those emails from clients and those questions subscribers / readers.

If i’m interested, I will answer as soon as possible (also respond even if not interested , more if I see that it has taken the above annoyances), and see what kind of cooperation would be possible.

If it comes to physical products or services, I will point out to me the send/ create me an account to test them in depth. I take this type of work very seriously, dedicating no less than two weeks. When I sit down to write, be more than an idea of what I ‘m saying.

The result, depending on the agreement we have reached, will be implemented in one or more items in one or more formats (text, video,SM,…), technical or more information on any or some qualities that seemed differentiating.

Articles that care and work until they are at the level of demand that I hope (if you are paying for it, the minimum would be that bothered me more than usual), and I assure you will receive great feedback from the community.

I do not advertise, i do elaborate articles on a subject in which the brand, product or service is mentioned, and that the reader appreciates and consumes forward.

Also included in the price the diffusion article on all channels usually use (and believe me, many, segmented and with an audience of thousands of users :)) and the mention of it in Monday email to Community members, like all others articles.

In view of all of this, you dare?


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